Our trails are of the old school, ​ tight turns and rough terrain  ​.When we build trails we alter the terrain as little as possible.(trail widths are mostly 60" wide) Side-by-sides 2 and 4 seaters way have issues. This doesn't mean they are not allowed, just difficult, tight and slow going. 

​​  Stay on marked trails and carry out what you carry in.
Please note:
There is absolutely NO RIDING ON GARRISON HILL!!!


Tri-City Trail Blazers


The trail @ Garrison Hill ( The Dover side Trail head/parking lot) is a work in progress, watch for up dates!If you would like to help with repairs or have Ideas for repair contact us , ( you do not need to be a club member) we would like to hear from you. chelu36@yahoo.com

All Trails are closed

till the end of mud season.

​May 23 2021

( OHRV trails in Rochester are at this time not legally sanctioned  buy our club or the state.) 

As of (7/25/18) We have merged with a group in Farmington to legalize trails for OHRV use, This is a work in progress . ​ When trails become legal a MAP will be made available to the public , Here.

As of 7/2/2019 we have landowner permits but don't have a fully connected trail, this is a work in progress

There is a parking lot on Old Rollinsford Road, near Wentworth Douglas Hospital in Dover , Also behind the Somersworth Walmart and parking on GreenVeiw Dr. just off Rollins Road in Rollinsford by the overpass, look for signs.
The club is still working with the City of Somersworth on the expansion of the trail system to Rochester as well as maintaining trails in Scoutland Rollinsford, NH.
MAP available
Map 2018 TCTB 1.pdf