​1​​​​The bridge over Rollins Brook Was taken out by beaver in 2014. We have been working to obtain materials to replace and upgrade it.  All materials are donated and work has / is in progress. We have had to and are repairing the trail leading to the bridge while also working on the bridge. Our work crew usually consists of two or three men at the ages of 50 to 65  (so its slow going) anyone interested in helping would be greatly appreciated "contact us any time".


We have finally completed the Rollins Brook bridge , there is still a few issues to finish but, the bridge is safe to use as you can see in the photos.

Thanks to Bill, Dan, Brian, Bob, and my self.

" Job Well Done!". 


We now have a Kiosk at the entrance of our trails in Dover. We will post a map of our trails and other trail information on this kiosk soon. still a work in progress.

More trail work completed


​75 feet of trail was mud and roots and extremely hazardous to the environment, people and vehicles.

​This has since been repaired. See pictures.


​All trails are open.  Still trail work to be done.

Do to land owner requests
All trails are CLOSED
to wheeled vehicles till May 25 .2018
With the exception of the TCTB maintenance crew, Trail patrol and Fish and game department officials.

Tri-City TrailBlazers