Tri-City Trail Blazers

All trails are open!

July 2, 2019  6:00 pm.

Discussed : 

Trail signs for foot traffic only and "you are here" signs through out the trail system (Scout land), trail clean up and bridge repair (Walmart end), land owner field trail repair, and dover trail end repair.

Partisapitation at the Farmington Hay day event.

Calendar / up coming events

Trail Work
Date Time
 July 13,2019

​start: TBD  

​Rollins Rd. Rollinsford,NH

Contact President: Errol Hebert (603-923-5487)

Or Trail Administrator (603-817-4560) Rick Healey . 

Farmington Hay Day Aug. 17

We will have a booth / display.

stop buy and say Hi!

"Enjoy the day!"

Club Meeting


Dover Bowl


5:00 PM

​General information
Trail maintenance

               We will be trying very hard to do trail work on weekends.  The time and place (on the trails) varies, so please check here or you may email us @ or you may contact our Trail Master @ (603)534-0476 Bill Slater.